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Hi there!

I'm Elora Van Haren

Hello and welcome to Personal Property Management. Here, you can find management for your nightly Vacation Rental without big company prices. Personal Property Management takes on a personal approach to market your home and bring in guests. Don't be afraid to reach out to see if your investment is ready for bigger and better days ahead!

The Process

Reach Out

& Connect

Share details of your home

Estimates of yearly $ income are discussed

Make updates to the property

Clean and take pictures

Marketing begins on AIRBNB and VRBO

Guests book and money rolls in

Sit back and watch your home make up to 10X more than a rental


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We handle all communications and coordination with every guest. From the moment there is an inquiry to the check-out of a stay, communication is the number one priority.

Guest Coordination and Communication

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Each home has different parameters for pricing. The data for your property's location and what it should "go for" is always changing. We do all the dirty work to adjust your homes daily rates depending on what events are going on, city analytics, and other competitive edges. 

Pricing Strategy


Your home's listing is created to reflect up-to-date marketing strategies to bring in the most guests for the best price.  Your listing is updated often to reflect growing trends to catch the eye of potential guests. 

Listing Creation + Management


All property maintenance is attended to ASAP. From a lightbulb being out, to a water leak, your home's safety and investment value are important for us to withhold. We have collected an arrangement of trusted vendors that are quick to reply, so your guests and income, are not disrupted. 

Property Maintenance 


To make sure your home is a success as a vacation rental your reviews that guests leave are crucial. This starts and ends with cleaning. Cleaners are coordinated and trained to ensure your guests are fully satisfied with the cleanliness of your home. 

Cleaning and Property Upkeep


This is a unique service we provide for every home owner. We guarantee that your property will have daily attention which is the key to bringing in the most money for running a vacation rental. Your home will never go missed or forgotten.

Daily Attention 

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"The best thing about Elora is the constant communication. No company I have ever worked with stays in such good communication as Personal Property Management."
                                   -Jake Short

Personal Property Management Logo.png
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