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  • All-Inclusive package

  • Total control over properties

  • 24/7 contact with guests and inquires

  • #1 Most popular choice

  • Best option for stress relief

15% - 25%
of Monthly Income

All inclusive

Package one entails everything you could want in a management system. Don't worry about having to contact guests or work with small issues upon their arrival. No more coordinating cleaners, or finding technicians to deal with maintenance. This package does it all! The more units, or properties brought to the table results in lower rates. 



Maybe YOU need to get on vacation, but how can you really do that with your own vacation rental that needs constant attention? After talking with many people that own property we realized that there needed to be a no-contract package that would allow owners to get away from every-thing without worrying about what was going on at home. 


  • Short Term Package

  • Full management

  • 24/7 Communication with guests

  • Maintenance and emergencies 

  • Weekly reports to owners

  • No contract required

$50 Per Day/

$750 Per Month



  • Buffet-style management

  • Pick and choose management desired

  • Great option for lower budgets

  • No contract required

  • Change management at any time

$25+ Per Unit 

Per Month


If you enjoy some aspects of managing a vacation rental but could do without some of the other icky stuff, then let this package be your best friend! It has never been easier to save money and have more time to yourself than with this buffet style package. Choose as many items as you want and adjust at any time to fit what you are looking for.


Other Fees


  •   Personalized Rental Contract                                           $200  

  •   Personalized Logo for property                                        $250

  •   High quality photos of property                                       $450

  •   Expense Report                                                                    $100

  •   Organizing Bills                                                                    $150 

  •   Website construction                                                          $1800

  •   Total clean up of online marketing                                   $125 

  •   Custom Welcome Packet                                                    $250

  •   Adjusting rates and research market value                      $250

  •   Cleaning Coordination                                                       $200

  •  Paying/organizing bills                                                         $250

  •  Monthly expense reports                                                    $200

  •  24/7 Emergency contact for any reason                            $250

  •  Maintenance coordination                                                  $200

  •  Guest Check-in Coordination                                              $150

  •  Bookkeeping                                                                            $250


Other Fees


Personalized Rental Contract

A great tool to protect you, and keep your investment property safe, is to create a rental contract that your tenants will sign before arriving. I have multiple templates upon demand. Completely customizable.                                        

High Quality Photos of Property

I always advise Owners that the best thing they can do to market their property, and make more profit, is by having high quality photos. High quality involves knowing what to snap pictures of, how to organize them on vacation rental sites and what angles they should be taken from.  Let me come in and help snap photos of your property the right way.                     

Personalized Logo for Property

Your vacation rental business looks more professional with a logo involved. Creating a unique logo that is simple is a great addition to any vacation rental business.                            

Expense Report

Making more money from your business starts with knowing where your money is coming and going. An expense report is a great tool for you to look back on and see where improvement is needed.       

Organizing Bills

Let me come in and look over bills, put everything on auto pay, see what can be adjusted to save more money, and have everything documented in one area so you know exactly how much you are spending.

Website Construction

Chose to build a website for your business so you can have friends, family, and other individuals look at your property and dates available to rent. Great tool for marketing your home on a different platform and make it easier to share with others on social media.                                                

Total Cleanup of Online Marketing

A lot of times I see individuals come to me with jumbled descriptions and low-quality photos on their AIRBNB and VRBO profiles. Total clean-up of online marketing involves editing online descriptions, adjusting pictures, and making sure taglines/headlines are catchy and optimizing your properties best features.                          

Custom Welcome Packet

Welcome packets are a MUST for sending to your guests before they arrive. Detail rules, expectations of their stay, places to eat, things to do, emergency numbers to call, and much more. Welcome packets are also a great tool for boosting your guests satisfaction while cutting down time they would spend calling you more.

Adjusting Rates and Research Market Value

One of the biggest reasons that vacation rental owners aren’t making the money they should be from their home is partially due to their rates and market value. This feature allows you to not worry about adjusting pricing constantly to fit the supply and demand in the area.                   

Cleaning Coordination

Coordinating with cleaners can be difficult and take a great chunk of time away from you. Let me take on that responsibility and make sure they are updated of each arrival and departure.

24/7 Emergency Contact

Your guests are always calling or texting for multiple

reasons. If you like to associate with guests and their reservation but need a break from the 24/7 contact, allow me to be that relief for you so you can enjoy your time.

Maintenance Coordination

Often properties break down. Coordinating vendors and making sure you are getting the best price and value can take time and causes major stress. With my wide variety of vendors, I can assure you that moving a maintenance issue over to me will help your properties wallet and your stress relief.                                                

Guest Check-In Coordination 

This is a multi-level coordination that includes, sending guests check-in information a week before arrival. Making sure that the rental contract is signed and allows them to ask any questions before arrival.


Using Quickbooks online or any other online platform, you can have all expenses, bills, and income tracked monthly. Reconciliation also included.

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